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Students involved in the Multimedia and Network Laboratory come from many Kean majors.

Research projects in the Multimedia and Network Laboratory are included in courses such as:

Principles of Networking (CPS 4222, Spring)
Senior Seminar and Project (CPS 4893 and 4951)
Special Topics (CPS 4980, 4981, 4982, by arrangement) with Dr. Morreale

Additional majors and courses from other areas such as Biology, Computational Mathematics, Environmental Science, Earth Science, Geology, Meteorology, and Design, including Graphic Communications are always welcome. Please join us!

Student summer financial support for our research projects is often possible. Please contact Dr. Morreale early in the year to begin planning for your summer research. Publications and research experience are very important for graduate student and post-graduation life!

Funding sources include:

National Science Foundation
Kean University Foundation